Jean-François Routhier

Commissioner of Lobbying

The institution’s activities are under the authority of the Commissioner of Lobbying, a person designated by the National Assembly. Mr. Jean-François Routhier was appointed as Commissioner of Lobbying by the National Assembly on October 17, 2017.

The Commissioner has all the powers and performs all the duties provided for by Act. To carry out his mandate, he is assisted by a team of nearly 45 people, including four managers, who assume various responsibilities in terms of audits and inquiries, communications, training, customer services, management and legal affairs.

Émilie Giguère

Secretary General and Director of Institutional Affairs and Administration

The General Secretariat assists the Commissioner in the exercise of all his functions. The Secretary General exercises a strategic advisory role with him by providing the opinions and elements of analysis necessary for decision-making. It is responsible for all activities related to the governance of the institution, particularly in terms of compliance with policies, ethics and risk management.

The General Secretariat is also responsible for:

  • > coordinate the process of reflection, development and implementation of the strategic plan;
  • > put in place mechanisms for evaluating the performance of the annual action plans of the departments;
  • > ensure the efficient management of projects and the implementation of performance optimization measures;
  • > see to the organization of day-to-day business and its execution in order to ensure the achievement of strategic and operational objectives;
  • > ensuring the processing of requests regarding access to information and respect for the protection of personal information.


The General Direction for Institutional Affairs and Administration offers and coordinates support and control services in the management of human, financial, material and information resources. It also plays a strategic advisory role with the Public Affairs, Communications and Customer Information Department.

Marie-Claude Bernard

Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Customer Information

The Public Affairs, Communications and Customer Information Department brings together all the responsibilities, activities and resources for public affairs, internal and external communications, education and training as well as the delivery of services to the public front-line information for lobbyists, public office holders and the public. In this regard, it:

  • > manages and monitors external relations and cooperation activities with external partners;
  • > develops, proposes, implements and monitors the institution’s communication plan;
  • > plans, organizes and carries out press relations, public relations and the activities necessary for the development and dissemination of information on Lobbyisme Québec’s digital platforms (newsletter, website, social networks, intranet);
  • > develops, makes available and publicizes the tools needed to understand the rules governing the practice of lobbying;
  • > prepares the activity report of the institution;
  • > provides support for internal communication activities;
  • > responds in the first line to requests made by customers;
  • > organizes and delivers training and awareness sessions on the Act and the Code.

Josée Latulippe

Director of Monitoring and Control

The Monitoring and Control Department plans and targets its interventions based on the issues and risks inherent in lobbying activities. It carries out Lobbyisme Québec’s monitoring, verification and investigation program according to an evolving case targeting strategy. The Directorate is made up of two teams: the Audit and Investigations team and the Monitoring and Compliance team.


The Audit and Investigations Team:

  • > recommends methods of intervention, enforcement measures and applicable sanctions in connection with the results of its audits and investigations;
  • > ensures the development and transmission of investigation files to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions and participates in follow-ups during legal processes;
  • > collaborates with the Corporate Secretariat and Legal Affairs in any disciplinary process undertaken under the Act.


The Monitoring and Compliance Team:

  • > receives and processes reports;
  • > ensures compliance and monitoring of the rules and deadlines for the disclosure of lobbying activities at Carrefour Lobby Québec;
  • > provides oversight and compliance with post-employment rules for public office holders.

Jean-Sébastien Coutu

Director of Corporate Secretariat and Legal Affairs

The Corporate Secretariat if acts as the institution’s registrar and ensures the authentication of official documents of Lobbyisme Québec. It is responsible for applying the disciplinary process provided for by law and for any confidentiality measure ordered thereunder.

The Corporate Secretariat is also responsible for:

  • > analyze and formulate recommendations concerning the institution’s compliance, its subjection and its responsibilities under the laws and other standards applicable to the institution;
  • > to ensure the smooth running of the contract management process, subject to the financial authorizations which are the responsibility of the statutory auditor.


Legal Affairs issues opinions and produces legal opinions relating to the application of the Act, the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists and any other law requiring a formal decision by the Commissioner. They provide legal support to the other departments and represent the Lobbyists Commissioner in cases presented to the courts as well as to the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

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