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Do you have questions about the application and interpretation of the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act, the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists, or Carrefour Lobby Québec? Would you like assistance in identifying the sectors likely to be subject to lobbying activities?

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General training on a fixed date

If you are interested in comprehensive training on the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists, we offer two fixed-date training courses a month: one focuses on the roles and responsibilities of public decision-makers, and the other, on those of lobbyists.

Whether you are a lobbyist, public office holder, citizen or media representative, we can assist you.

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Group training on request

Are you a group of more than 15 people working for an enterprise, organization or public institution and interested in taking a training course on the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists? We can offer you customized group training.

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Monitoring and control


To report to Lobbyisme Québec any breach of the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists, you can use our electronic form provided for this purpose and include the documents that you consider essential to understanding your report. All information will be treated confidentially.

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Do you prefer to report anonymously? 

It is possible to report a concern anonymously. However, this may prevent your report from being processed, as we will not be able to contact you if important details are missing.

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Follow-up to an invitation to declare one’s activities to Carrefour Lobby Québec

Invite a lobbyist to declare their activities to Carrefour Lobby Québec (available in French only)


Info Carrefour Lobby newsletter

In addition to informing you each week of the latest mandates declared on the lobbying activity disclosure platform, the Info Carrefour Lobby newsletter offers:

  • essential statistics and their interpretation, for a different reading of the declarations;
  • tips on how to improve your research and an overview of the tool’s new features.

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LobbYscope newsletter

In addition to popularizing the rules governing lobbying and offering advice on best practices and tools to facilitate compliance with the Act, LobbYscope reports on the latest news from Lobbyisme Québec and the Québec lobbying regime.

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Processing requests

Confidentiality measure

A confidentiality measure is a decision by the Lobbyists Commissioner, provided for in the Act (section 49). It makes it possible to conceal all or part of the information contained in a declaration to Carrefour Lobby Québec for a given period. Confidentiality of information is possible when lobbying activities concern an investment project and the disclosure of the information could seriously prejudice the economic or financial interests of an enterprise or client.

Complete a confidentiality measure request form (available in French only)

Complete a confidentiality measure extension or renewal form (available in French only)

Access to information

Make an access to information request (available in French only)

Commitment regarding our services

Guided by values of integrity, respect, commitment and collaboration, Lobbyisme Québec staff undertakes to:

  • guide lobbyists in complying with their legal obligations, particularly with regard to the declaration of their activities in Carrefour Lobby Québec, and the proper exercise of lobbying activities;
  • help public office holders recognize and effectively manage influential communications in their environment;
  • support citizens in exercising their right to know who is seeking to influence public office holders.

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We have taken security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your information when you submit it via our online forms.

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