Types of lobbyists

The consultant lobbyist

The consultant lobbyist is someone lobbying on behalf of another person in return for compensation.

A lawyer is paid by a client to intervene with the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change to amend the Pesticides Act.

The enterprise lobbyist

The enterprise lobbyist is a person working for a profit-seeking enterprise, who carries out lobbying activities for an significant part   on behalf of the enterprise.

An employee at an IT firm makes representations to various departments and public organizations in order to obtain contracts other than by way of a call for public tenders.

The organization lobbyist

The organization lobbyist is a person for whom a significant part   of their job or function consists in lobbying on behalf of a non-profit organization (NPO) constituted to serve…

Management: Groups employers from a same sector, geographic area or sharing a common feature. For instance, the Association québécoise des centres de la petite enfance (AQCPE).

Union: Groups employees of a same sector or sharing a common feature. For example, the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN).

Professional: A professional order constituted under the Professional Code or the Québec Interprofessional Council. For example, the Ordre des dentistes du Québec.


Formed of members for which the majority are for-profit enterprises or representatives of such enterprises.

For example, the Québec Oil and Gaz Association (QOGA) and the Association des libraires du Québec (ALQ).

Other example of NPO the Act applies to:

A president of an association grouping together companies specializing in the production of renewable energy makes approaches to have one or several decrees adopted by the Cabinet asking Hydro-Québec to purchase new blocks of electricity from sources of renewable energy from independent producers. 

Lobbyists can be professionals (e.g. architects, urban planners, notaries, engineers, etc.), real estate developers or company representatives.

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