Calendar transition

Phase 1 Summer 2022

Creation of the Espaces professionnels and Espaces collectifs

Gradually, as of June 21, 2022, the most senior officers of corporations and organizations engaged in lobbying activities, their authorized representatives as well as consultant lobbyists will be invited to create their individual account (Espace professionnel) and the accounts of their corporations or organizations (Espace collectif).

This step will facilitate the transition to Carrefour Lobby Québec and allow faster access to the functions of writing and publishing mandates.

Until Carrefour Lobby Québec is officially online in the fall of 2022, all lobbyists must continue to declare their lobbying activities in the current Lobbyists Registry.

Phase 2 Fall 2022

Official launch of Carrefour Lobby Québec and closure of the current Lobbyists Registry

On October 13, the current register of lobbyists (hereinafter, the “old register”) operated at the address will be officially closed to all new registrations and will remain available for consultation only. for a minimum period of 60 days.

All the declarations and all the mandates contained in these declarations, published since the implementation of the old register, will be transferred in the days following October 13 and will be available for consultation in Carrefour Lobby Québec, the new platform for the disclosure of the activities of lobbying available at

A 60-day period of validation of the transferred information will then begin. During this 60-day period, the consultant lobbyist or, in the case of an enterprise lobbyist or an organization lobbyist, the most senior officer of the enterprise or group must ensure that the information contained in its declarations and opinions transferred and appearing at Carrefour Lobby Québec are accurate, complete and up to date. He must, if necessary, complete or modify them within the same period.

During this same interval, the consultant lobbyist and the most senior executive of a company or organization must re-publish to Carrefour Lobby Québec all the mandates that will remain active beyond December 12, 2022, as well as all the mandates that will be more active after this date but which require an update by then.

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