Registering in Carrefour Lobby Québec

By declaring their lobbying activities in Carrefour Lobby Québec, lobbyists allow citizens to know who is trying to influence the decisions of elected officials and officials of parliamentary, governmental and municipal institutions.

What are the advantages of registering in Carrefour Lobby Québec?

  • Act in accordance with the law;
  • allow citizens to know what is happening in their environment (municipal, government and parliamentary);
  • contribute to the improvement of democratic life;
  • benefit from a showcase presenting the lobbyist’s fields of expertise;
  • engaging in lobbying activities within the meaning of the Act without disclosing the subject-matter in the Lobbyists Registry is an offence liable to a fine;
  • moreover, consulting Carrefour Lobby Québec makes it possible to know the other “lobbyists” active on different projects and obtain information on major issues of public interest.

How to register for Carrefour Lobby Quebec

If you are involved in performing or reporting lobbying activities, the creation of your Professional Space is the first essential step leading to the disclosure of lobbying activities.

To find out more about how to register for Carrefour Lobby Québec

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